Conservative or censorship-free websites and software


First, switch to the Dissenter web browser from whatever you're using. It comes by default with privacy and safey tools ("Shields") enabled that would take time and effort on Firefox, and are likely impossible on any other browser. Since it uses the same underlying engines as Chrome, it's fast and compatible with Chrome extensions. Choose to use the Duck Duck Go search engine by default.

DNS (Domain Name Service)

To keep your browsing history out of ISP hands - while blocking many malicious websites from ever touching your computer - use Quad9 DNS.

Cloud Storage, Backup, and Office Suite

Rather than Dropbox or Google Drive to store your files, use Nextcloud. Note that Nextcloud is the software used, multiple companies offer to host it for you. Here's more you can choose from.

If you've been using Google Drive for office-suite tasks, use LibreOffice instead. Just change View > Interface to Tabbed for a more modern look, and change the save defaults to Open Document standard for interoperability with users of other Office suites.


To keep your email for your-eyes-only, switch from your email provider (such as Gmail) to ProtonMail, or, choose from any of these alternatives.

Note, when your data isn't the product, a large inbox cannot be free. While the free tiers of these services is sizable, and you could certainly stay with it indefinitely by deleting un-needed messages and avoiding signing it up for spam - there's a good chance you'll need to spend a few dollars a year down the road otherwise.

Computer OS

Rather than using Windows, ChromeOS, or macOS - use Linux.

Linux can be installed on nearly every computer for free, and it doesn't harvest your data like 'the big three' do. In fact, it doesn't even update without your explicit permission! There's a lot of different Linux options - I recommend Linux Mint Cinnamon. Want a howto video? Here you go.

Note, only applications made for Linux can be expected to run properly, and the same goes for hardware. Make sure the software you need is compatible, or that a Linux-friendly alternative will work for you. You can also dual-boot or virtualize Windows or macOS for the times you need or want to run incompatible software - I do this for two tools and some games.

Please also notice - installing a new OS will likely erase all your data! Back it up first! This is a more advanced step.

Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit all have censored and manipulated Conservatives. Enough is enough. Enter Run by a Christian, all political speech protected by the First Amendment is welcome.

Password Management 

The next step is a secure means of storing and generating passwords, and I recommend BitWarden. The low-hanging fruit of the tech crime world are people who use the same password for everything, or variations of it. Don't be that easy to breach, and the majority of ID theft attacks will overlook you. To see how you've already been breached, use HaveIBeenPwned.

Calls & Messaging

It's hard to get your friends and family to switch messaging services, but Signal provides a go-between to allow you to receive messages from them until they do, while you communicate with your security/privacy minded friends in the same app.

Signal is best thought of as a replacement for iMessage+FaceTime, or Android Messages+Duo.

Once installed on your phone, you can text (SMS) with it - as well as talk to other Signal users via messaging, audio, or video! You can then install it on your computer to sync your messages. Group and rich messaging is enabled.

The best part? Setup couldn't be easier! Install the app, tap where told to, and go!

Please note that it can't make messaging someone not using the Signal app more secure, nothing can!